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Write a Will & Retirement Planning

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You may think you are too young to make a Will. You may think you are not rich enough. Maybe you have never thought about it at all. But the best time to make a Will is now, when you are healthy and in a state of mind to prepare for the future of your children and those who depend on you. In the event of your death, those you care about will be burdened by worries and expense on top of their bereavement. The fact that you have a Will in place can reduce their worries, as they will know that your affairs are in order.

Why Should I Make a Will?

Some issues to consider:-

  • Who will look after my children?
  • What will happen to my home?
  • Who will get your most valued possessions?
  • Who would you NOT want to get your property / savings?
  • Will your partner have the use of all that you have built up together?
  • Will he or she have enough to live on?

These questions MUST be answered sooner or later. By making a Will you can choose who will wind up your affairs. You can choose what will happen after your death. You can choose how your family will benefit. Call us now to discuss:

  • Writing a Will
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Lifetime Mortgages / Equity Release

We have a rapidly growing client base seeking our advices in respect of Retirement Planning and Inheritance Tax advice.



We can put in place a Plan of Action for clients who want to put their affairs in order and obtain peace of mind as to their retirement and planning for old age. Some of the tools we can use are:

  • The transfer of property out of an Estate
  • An updated Will
  • An Enduring Power of Attorney

For those who want to raise money we can also advise on an Equity Release or Lifetime Mortgage.

To provide a further safety net for our clients we can assist with an Enduring Power of Attorney in case someone becomes ill or incapacitated and cannot manage their own affairs.

We would consider our advice in this area to be of the highest calibre and provide a Free First Consultation to discuss your affairs.

Our Probate and Estates department will assist the recently bereaved in winding-up the affairs of a loved one in a sensitive and efficient manner.

We can help with Inheritance Tax planning after Death through a Deed of Variation. We can also assist with any Probate queries and also have access to leading Barristers and Tax Planning experts to help our clients when necessary.


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