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As specialist Family Law & Children's Order Solicitors in Derry / Londonderry we offer expert advice on any Family Law issues and a FREE no obligations first consultation.

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We deal with all aspects of family law, for people who are married, living together, or in civil partnerships. Our breadth of experience enables us to offer a first class service to meet your personal circumstances.

How Can We Help?

We can advise in all Family Law matters including:

  • Divorce & Relationship Breakdown
  • Children Issues & Children's Order matters
  • Non Molestation Orders & Exclusion Zones
  • Matrimonial Problems
  • Contact with your Children & Social Services
  • Emergency & Child Abduction


Family Law Solicitors Derry - We can advise on all aspects of Divorce and Family Law including Child Contact Proceedings and emergency Non-Molestation Orders for anybody being intimidated or harassed. We provide a sensitive and effective service for those in need of advice.

Children Issues

We can advise on any issues relating to your children and represent you in any Children’s Order proceedings. Some issues that may arise are:-

  • Contact with your Children
  • The Child's Residence
  • Child Care Issues

If these issues cannot be resolved amicably than we will make an application to Court on your behalf to safeguard the interests of the child or children. We can advise appropriately on matters such as residence (where the child should live), parental responsibility, contact, prohibited steps and care proceedings.

Our team of Childcare Solicitors have experience of dealing with Care Proceedings, representing both parents and children and working with all parties to get the best possible result for the child or children involved.

Are Social Services threatening to take your Child into Care?

Have Social Services taken your child? We can help, we will fight your case and ensure your rights as a parent are protected. We have access to the very best Barristers and we will do everything to make sure your voice is heard and give your case every chance of success.

If your Local Social Services Department warn you that your children may be removed from your care you need expert Legal Advice straight away.  If your child is being taken into care, or there are problems within the family which mean that care proceedings look likely, you need expert legal advice from Hasson & Co urgently - call on 028 71 266 818

Adoption from Care

In situations where a family have been involved in social services or care proceedings, children may not able to carrying on living with their natural parents. The alternative can be adoption, which will result in the natural parents losing their parental responsibility for the child, and the full rights and duties of a parent are acquired by the adoptive family. These cases involve difficult and sensitive issues and we have the knowledge and experience required to help you - Call us on 028 71 266 818.

Step Parent Adoption

In order for a child to be fully integrated into their new family, step parents may feel it necessary to adopt their step child as they may feel it is in their step child's best interests.  Step parent adoption may be the best solution for a child, but there are also other options which we can advise on, which give the step parent legal status and recognition of their involvement with their step child, whilst enabling the child's relationship with the non-resident birth parent to continue.

Emergency Family Law Representation

We offer immediate advice in emergency situations, do not hesitate to call us 24 Hours on: 07518 420 040

Child Abduction

This situation can arise as a result of family breakdown where a parent has family living outside of Northern Ireland and returns to that family with their children without the consent of either the other parent or the Court. Danielle Molloy, our Family Law Solicitor at Hasson & Co specialises in this area of law, representing parents whose children have been removed without consent or parents who have removed their children from the jurisdiction.

If you believe there is an imminent risk of abduction there are emergency steps that can be taken to prevent this and protect your child.  In the event you do fear that there is a risk to your child you should contact us immediately in order to get urgent legal advice.

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