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Need Criminal Law Advice?

Criminal Defence Solicitors

Are you in trouble with the Police? Do you have to go to Court or the Police Station?

At Hasson & Co Solicitors in Derry / Londonderry we are experienced Criminal Law Solicitors and provide high quality Criminal Defence advice 24 hours a day. All Initial Enquiries are completely free - call us on 028 71 266 818 or email us:

DID YOU KNOW? Having one of our Solicitors attend at the Police Station with you will cost you nothing as it is FREE under Legal Aid. We provide a FREE 24 Hour Police Station attendance service - call 24 Hours on 07518 420 040

What do we offer?

  • FREE Initial Advice
  • FREE 24 Hour Police Station attendance (Call 24 Hrs: 07518 420 040)
  • A Reputation for Providing Robust & High Quality Criminal Defence Advice
  • Access to Forensic & Medical experts who can challenge Police evidence

24 Hour Criminal Law Solicitors

Call now on 07518 420 040 (24 Hours) to discuss any Criminal Law problem including:-

  • Driving / Motoring Offences
  • Drug Offences - Possession & Supply
  • Theft or Dishonesty Charges
  • Benefits Fraud
  • Sex Offences & Sex Abuse Charges (including historical Sexual Abuse allegations)
  • Assault or Disorderly Behaviour
  • Murder / Manslaughter
  • FREE Legal Aid available

What should I do next?

We provide a Free First Consultation so you can take advantage of our advice now. If you have already been questioned (or Interviewed) by the Police and you are worried you may be charged then just call us to arrange your free first consultation to discuss your options.

Contacting us is easy and all initial enquiries are completely free of charge - Call us on:- 028 71 266 818 now or email us at or fill in our Free Enquiry form to get in touch.

Have you received a Summons or been Charged to appear in Court?

If you have received a Summons from the Prosecution Service or the Police have charged you to Court then call us immediately for advice. We can advise you on the charges that you face and the potential outcomes for you and represent you in Court. We will discuss the evidence against you in detail and explore your options in terms of pleading "guilty" or "not guilty" to the charges at Court so that you have clear and detailed advice before the Court date.

Expert Criminal Law Solicitors -We will explore whether you can obtain Legal Aid and at Court we will apply for Legal Aid on your behalf. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid then we provide a cost-effective service and transparency in our legal fees.

If you have received a Summons or Charge Sheet it is very important that you call us as soon as possible for advice so that we can begin preparing your case for Court at the earliest opportunity.

Worried about Forensic or Medical Evidence against you?

We can use Forensic and Medical Experts to challenge the Police evidence against you. We will work to ensure your case is given every chance of success by using experts in forensic and medical fields.

We have a record of excellence in defending Criminal charges from the Magistrates Court through to high profile Crown Court and Court of Appeal cases. Contact us on 028 71 266 818 to talk to experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors in Derry / Londonderry.

Free Legal Advice at the Police Station

Under no circumstances should you go to the Police Station without a Solicitor, even if you believe you have nothing to hide. Having a Solicitor attend at the Police Station will cost you nothing as it is FREE under Legal Aid. Good Legal Advice at the earliest opportunity, particularly at the Police Station, is crucial in the outcome of any Criminal Case.

Police Station Solicitors

DID YOU KNOW? Having a Solicitor attend at the Police Station will cost you nothing as it is FREE under Legal Aid. We provide a FREE 24 Hour Police Station attendance service - call 24 Hours on:- 07518 420 040

We can attend Police Stations (24 Hrs) and Courts across Northern Ireland immediately.

  • Do the Police want to question you?
  • Have you been charged to Court by the Police?
  • Worried you could lose your Driving Licence?
  • Have you received a Summons in the post?

If you are worried about any of the above then call us without delay on 028 71 266 818.